Feel and Taste the Olive Oil: The secrets of olive oil
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Feel and Taste the Olive Oil: The secrets of olive oil

Olive oil is like wine - no two are alike.


The unique position of this region, the air filled with salt and the sunrays create special conditions for the cultivation of olives, from which the hardworking hands of several rural farms make fantastic oils. Try them all! 

The healing properties of olive oil are still not fully understood. We know its nutritional value, but we are yet to discover its protective properties for the human body. However, we do know that olive oil-based products have a beneficial effect on the skin. In combination with other natural ingredients, they rejuvenate and protect the skin from harmful UV rays.


Your trip

First stop: The secrets Gramona Farm's olive oil

Gramona Farm, a walk among olives

More beauty secrets of olive oil will be revealed at the culinary and cosmetic workshop on the Gramona family farm - by tasting and sampling the products you can also buy. At the end of the visit, you can walk through the olive groves, where you will discover a breathtaking view of the Sečovlje salt pans.

Second stop: A true gastronomic experience awaits

Restaurant "Na Burji", top wines

Rich with new knowledge, continue to Nova Vas. At the local inn ”Na Buri”, a true gastronomic experience awaits. What the hosts will serve you and the way they will prepare the meals is the highlight of the ”Feel & Taste” experience.

Third stop: Looking for a drop of wine and a drop of oil

After lunch, it is much easier to "go back down". Stop by the Pucer family winery, where you can try great local wine, and on to the Jerebica family for olive oil tasting. Olive oil is like wine - no two are alike. Each manufacturer has their own "note", and it's in this that the charm of tasting and combining lies. Some oils are better for salad, some for fish and others as a base for everything else...

Fourth stop: The picturesque Padna

Pucer Family, Padna

Continue to the picturesque village of Padna and explore the local olive oil refineries before discovering the legends about the olives of Albert Pucar. This is no ordinary tour. The visit to the Padnjec family is also imbued with particular warmth. Here, even the oil tastes of a family atmosphere.

You only need the Grižon family oil to complete your oil collection. However, that will not be a problem, as we have now arrived in Padna.

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Final stop

Along with a sightseeing tour of the church and the Gallery of Božidar Jakac, one of the most famous Slovenian painters and graphic artists, and a sip from the well that is said to replenish you, the end of this adventure is sure to be perfect.

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