Ride & Meditate: Meet Porečanka
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Ride & Meditate: Meet Porečanka

You can cycle on the path where the famous railway tracks once stood.


As was once done by train, take a bike ride along the famous railway and get to know Strunjan Nature Park, Moon Bay and the Strunjan salt pans before enjoying the Munda farmhouse!

Porečanka - or Parenzana - was a narrow-gauge railway that connected Trieste, Koper, Izola, Piran and Portorož with central Istria and Poreč from 1902 to 1935. Cycling along the Parenzana route from Portorož to Strunjan will take you back in time.

Do you know what's really interesting? Your speed will be exactly the same as the speed of the train that once travelled on the same route.


Your trip

First stop: Strunjan salt pans

Moon Bay, Strunjan

Parenzana will take you through the Valeta tunnel to the Strunjan salt pans. Park your bike and take a stroll around Strunjan Nature Park. It’s a special experience that can take hours. Climb the Strunjan Cliff, stop for a few moments at the meditation points and enjoy the view of Moon Bay.

If you like off-road challenges, go for it and admire the cleanest water close-up! You can also visit the Church of Mary's Apparition, and then take a tour of the Strunjan salt pans and the Stjuža sea lagoon with a guide. The tour ends at the salt pans, where you can buy authentic souvenirs.

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Second stop: Munda farmhouse

Homestead Munda, olive spreads

Continue biking on to the Valeta and Lucija tunnels and stop at the Munda farmhouse. It stretches over the top of the Liminjan Hill, surrounded by two hectares of olive groves. From their olives, the farm produces premium virgin olive oil using organic methods.

Here, the diligent and friendly hosts will show you an amazing world of products from their own production. You will find the olive spreads with different flavours and olive oil containing rosemary or golden leaves especially tempting! At the Munda Farmhouse, you will even find olives in the jams and homemade chocolate!

Extra virgin olive oil carrying the label of protected geographical indication, varietal olive oils and other products can be purchased at the farmhouse. All oils can also be sampled before purchasing.

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Final stop

Mahnič Dragonja Farm, tasting

Return to Portorož on your bike. We strongly recommend that you treat yourself to a delicious dinner at one of the excellent restaurants on the coast. End your day with a glass of premium wine from one of the local producers.

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