Portorož and Opatija – An authentic Mediterranean experience

As two chapters of the same story, and only lying about 80 kilometres from each other, it is only together that Opatija and Portorož create a complete experience worth enjoying and savouring!

Do you want to experience the authentic Mediterranean and its centuries-old traditions? Natural beauties that have been captivating visitors for thousands of years? Gastronomy based on local ingredients, and the "secrets" passed down from grandmothers to granddaughters? You can now experience these unique tourist rivieras and their still "undiscovered" rural hinterland - the Feel & Taste joint destinations of Opatija and Portorož.

Opatija and Portorož, as the two "crown jewels" of the Istrian peninsula, are an example of the very best Istria has to offer - a blend of "blue and green", a coastline with popular beaches and secluded bays, as well as a rolling hinterland of forests and sunny mountain slopes. The two rivieras, Opatija in the east and Portorož in the west, are connected by history, culture, gastronomy and geographical features, but are still distinctive from one another through their authentic local heritage.

The two locations developed along the sea, eventually becoming famous tourist destinations, but they have always depended on their surroundings whose fortified cities provided security, in addition to excellent food and produce from local vineyards, olive groves, forests and fields.

Their traditions, which have unfolded over hundreds of years, should be experienced slowly - by enjoying every moment spent on walking and biking trails, savouring local products such as sweet chestnuts or maruni, gourmet olives, fine wines, fish and seafood, truffles or cheese, as well as every stone of the old towns that hide thrilling legends...

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Opatija - The birthplace of European tourism

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Strunjan Landscape Park, salt pans
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The Portorož Riviera: The richness and diversity of Istria

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