Discover the Stories of Lungomare
Health tourism

Discover the Stories of Lungomare


A walk along the promenade is a special "wellness experience".


Opatija is well known for its long coastal promenade, and a stroll along it is a special experience for mind, body and soul, as well as an opportunity to explore the local culture, history and gastronomy. 

A simple walk through Opatija is a special "wellness experience". Clean air, enriched with iodine and sea salt, is the perfect recipe for health recognized as far back as 130 years ago when Opatija received the title of royal health resort. A walk along the Lungomare coastal promenade completes the wellness experience with views of the bay and waves that break onto the grottoes on one side and the Secession Villas built by famous Viennese architects on the other.


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Famous Opatija sights

Start from Slatina towards Volosko and along the way, you will get to know the famous Opatija sights, such as the statue of the Maiden with the seagull - the indispensable backdrop of most tourist photographs – as well as the Angiolina Botanical Park and the villa of the same name at its centre. The villa, managed by the Croatian Museum of Tourism, is considered to be the “starting point” of Opatija’s tourism story.  It is the birthplace of Andrija Mohorovičić, a world-renowned scientist, whom the Volosko Interpretation Centre is dedicated to.

Volosko - the pinnacle of Croatian gastronomy

Due to its many top-quality catering establishments, Volosko is today the pinnacle of Croatian gastronomy, so do not miss the opportunity to taste exceptional Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh fish and local produce at any time of the year.

Volosko is also known as a place of culture

Apart from the taverns and restaurants that regularly win top marks in the selection of the best restaurateurs in Croatia, Volosko is also known as a place of culture. In its narrow streets and stone stairways, you will find numerous galleries and ateliers connected to artists such as the academic painter Claudio Frank, Snježana Boyd from Art Gallery Žana or award-winning musician and painter Vedran Ružić, who works as part of the Mala Soba atelier with four other young artists.

Supply yourself with local health food items

The main Volosko street is dominated by the monumental Church of St. Anne, which is located near two boutiques of homemade and organic products, Prokulica and Okus Kvarnera, which will supply you with local health food items. Go down any one of the Volosko stairways as all lead to the little port "mandrać" and the start of the coastal promenade that will take you back to Opatija. 

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