The perfect combination of the Mediterranean and the mainland

Indigenous food and produce, such as Kvarner scampi, asparagus, truffles, succulent Lovran cherries or sweet chestnuts known as ”maruni”, prepared in restaurants and taverns that are at the very top of Croatian gastronomy guarantee an unforgettable gourmet experience.

The location of Opatija between the sea and the mountain has indelibly marked its gastronomy, which, thanks to the combination of continental and Mediterranean foods and culinary traditions, has created a unique story of taste based on “connecting the incompatible.” Seafood and forest fruits, innovation and tradition, indigenous fresh foods and internationally renowned chefs have elevated the local gastronomic scene to among the most exciting in Croatia.

Kvarner scampi, asparagus, truffles, succulent Lovran cherries or sweet chestnuts known as “maruni”, accompanied by excellent wines and olive oils... Each dish deserves a special chapter in this story, which will keep you in sweet suspense until you try the last dish on the menu.

The importance of local varieties of produce for superior culinary creations is reflected by the numerous Feel & Taste events that take place throughout the year, depending on the season. Set aside spring for events such as Asparagus and Wine, Walk, Art & Wine Volosko and the Gourmet Story Opatija Riviera. In summer, taste the perfect wines that have aged at the bottom of Ika Bay during the ”Vino i Vruja” event (Wine and the Underwater Wellspring), while in autumn taste maruni prepared in many ways at the Marunada before enjoying the Chocolate Festival in winter.

Explore top-notch restaurants, authentic seafood taverns, traditional pubs "oštarije" and coffee shops with unrivalled desserts, visit the Feel & Taste events, enjoy flavour perfection - feel and taste Opatija!

Traditional flavours in an authentic environment pair well with top-quality local wines.

Wonderful locations and great food for an unforgettable experience.

Kvarner scampi is one of the local dishes of this region.

Explore coffee shops with unrivalled desserts.


The rich flavours of Istria

Try the rich variety of local flavours.

The central ingredient that connects all local cuisine is salt from the local salt pans.

Fresh fish and organically grown seabass are valued ingredients of local gastronomy.

Istrsko kuhinjo zaznamuje bogata tradicija morskih in mesnih jedi.

Fresh fish, smooth olive oil, healthy Mediterranean vegetables and the unique taste of salt from the traditional local salt pans are the ingredients that are used to create gastronomic "magic" on the Portorož Riviera.

The gourmet delights in this area are as colourful, fragrant and attractive as the Istrian landscape. Istrian cuisine is characterized by a rich tradition of seafood and meat dishes that are a treat for the taste buds and the soul.

The local traditions of fishing, olive growing and salt production provide the perfect ingredients for a gastronomic discovery of the Mediterranean, paired with the flavours of the green hinterland: taste fresh sea fish and organically grown seabass, Mediterranean medicinal herbs and spices, prestigious local truffles, olives and the smooth texture of the olive oil, healthy Mediterranean vegetables and succulent fruit from the valley of the Dragonja River and the surrounding hills!

The central ingredient that connects all local cuisine is the salt from the local salt pans. This internationally recognized and respected product enriches every culinary experience and is an indispensable part of both traditional recipes and contemporary culinary "magic".

Try the wide selection and rich variety of local flavours, from prestigious restaurants to authentic hinterland inns!

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