Volosko Sea Food Safari: the Volosko gastronomic journey
Cultural heritage

Volosko Sea Food Safari: the Volosko gastronomic journey

If you like fish and seafood, Volosko is the perfect destination for you.


The sea and its fruits in Volosko are a "way of life". A place that grew around a little port - the ”mandrać”- was transformed from a fishing village into a gastronomic mecca. You should get to know the sea before you taste its fruits...

If you like fish and seafood, Volosko is the perfect destination for you. The old fishing village, for centuries connected to the sea, has been transformed into one of the most exciting gastronomic scenes in Croatia, known for its fantastic seafood dishes. Top-quality restaurants and authentic taverns are located just steps away from the mandrać, a port where at dawn the boats of fishermen arrive with the night's catch of fish that will end up on a menu only a few hours later. You will be able to witness the journey from the sea to the table for yourself...


Your trip

First day: Arrival to Volosko and chocolate treats

If you arrive in Volosko in the afternoon, take the evening for a leisurely stroll by the sea, along the lungomare to romantic Opatija, before taking a sweet bite in the chocolate factory Milenij Chocco Svijet (Millennium Chocco world). The chocolate rhapsody will give you the energy you need for an exciting day ahead.

Second day: A morning walk by the harbour

Volosko, Opatija

In the morning, upon agreement with the hotel or accommodation manager, you will be able to go to the mandrać, "decorated" with its typical fish nets on dryers and moored boats, before enjoying the opportunity to try cleaning the freshly caught fish in the traditional way, at a slipway in the port. 

An afternoon walk through the narrow streets and a coffee stop

While waiting for your seafood, take a stroll through Volosko's narrow streets and stone stairways, take in the Mediterranean atmosphere under the crowded rooftops, and visit the Church of St. Anne on the main street. After tasting the homemade and organic products in health food shops Prokulica and Okus Kvarnera, treat yourself to coffee and cake at the famous cake shop "Kaokakao"

Visit art studios

Volosko is also known for its rich culture, so visit the ateliers of artists such as the academic painter Claudio Frank, Snježana Boyd from Art Gallery Žana, or award-winning musician and painter Vedran Ružić, who works as part of the Mala Soba Atelier with four other young artists. Yet don't ignore science! After all, this is the birthplace of Andrija Mohorovičić, a scientist of worldwide fame, to whom the Volosko Interpretation Center is dedicated.

The big finale: freshly caught fish dinner

Restaurant "Na Burji", authentic Istrian cuisine

The grand finale of a day filled with tantalizing tastes and colorful images is just waiting for you, because upon your return to the hotel you will indulge in a dinner of freshly caught fish prepared according to the kitchen chef's recipe and discover why Volosko's memories never fade...

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Restaurant "Na Burji", authentic Istrian cuisine

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