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Breathe in the fresh air of the healing climate and enjoy the diverse range of authentic products and stories of Opatija's hinterland.


From the crystal blue sea to the green slopes of the mountains, breathe in the fresh air of the healing climate and enjoy the diverse range of authentic products and stories of Opatija's hinterland.

The combination of sea and mountain influences has created a unique climate, and its beneficial health effects have attracted people from all over the world to this town nestled between the mountain slopes and the waves of the sea for more than 175 years. Two shades of Opatija - the crystal blue sea and the mountain green - are connected by the Health & Nature route, which starts at Slatina, above the town's bathing site.


Your trip

First stop: Excellent honey products and award winning wines

The path leads through the parks to the small waterfall Vrutki, where women once gathered to wash their clothes in the stream, and then continues on to Poljane. Keep yourself refreshed and meet “unusual pets" that are waiting for you at the Depoli family estate, where you can taste excellent products made from honey and visit the bee hotels, not to mention the Perišić family, who will help you to stock up on award-winning wines and olive oil, as well as feed the fish in a small pond.

For a special experience of the local fauna, visit the Šikić family and take a look at their lavender fields.

Second stop: Veprinac - heart of Opatija's history

Ethno Collection Veprinac

The road to Veprinac will take you to the heart of Opatija's history, and after a visit to the old town centre and ethno collection, take the opportunity to climb to the lookout in front of the Church of St. Mark with a fantastic view of the whole bay. 

Third stop: Discovering local features

Continue exploring the local particularities with the Ukić family, whose members know all about wild medicinal herbs, or in the Rumac family tavern filled with quality wines.

Final stop: Dinner and a walk along the promenade

From Veprinac, take the old paths of the "dairy-women" and the Carmen Sylva forest promenade to descend to Volosko, a Croatian gastronomic mecca with numerous restaurants and taverns that nurture authentic Mediterranean cuisine along with local ingredients. After dinner at one of the Feel & Taste restaurants, a leisurely stroll along Lungomare will relax you after an exciting day in the countryside ahead of your wellness stay at your hotel.

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